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Bio (the bookish version):
Peggy Eddleman is the author of SKY JUMPERS (a Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominee, a Utah Beehive Award Nominee, a Nebraska Golden Sower Award Nominee, a South Carolina Children’s Book Award Nominee, a Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Awards Nominee, a Mississippi Magnolia Book Award Nominee, an American Booksellers Association’s ABC Best Book of 2013, a NYPL’s 100 Books for Reading and Sharing selection, and a Kids Indies Next selection) and its sequel, THE FORBIDDEN FLATS. Peggy works with 10th graders in their writing classes during the day, and lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Utah with her husband and their three kids, who are all busy creating their own adventure stories. You can visit Peggy online at

Bio (the whimsical version):
Peggy grew up in an area filled with untamed places to explore, with parents who allowed her to be daring, and with resourceful siblings, which combined to make her middle grade years one giant action / adventure story. The magic of those years has never truly left Peggy, and she can’t help but tap into them as she writes books like Sky Jumpers and The Forbidden Flats. Today, Peggy lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, and hangs out online at

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Trade Reviews:
   The Deseret News
   Publishers Weekly
   School Library Journal
   American Bookseller’s Association

Awards and Accolades:
   American Booksellers Association ABC Best Books of 2013
   New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing
   Utah Beehive Book Award Nominee for 2014-2015
   Texas Bluebonnet Book Award Nominee for 2015-2016
   Nebraska Golden Sower Book Award Nominee for 2015-2016
   South Carolina Book Award Nominee for 2015-2016
   Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award Nominee for 2016-2017
   Mississippi Magnolia Book Award Nominee for 2016-2017
   Whitney Award Finalist
   Atlanta Parent Best Books of 2013
   Celebrate Debut Authors with Indies
   The Winter 2013–2014 Kids’ Indie Next List
    A Scholastic Book Fairs selection for Spring 2015

Publicity:  For publicity review requests / questions, please contact Peggy’s publicist at Random House, Jillian Vandall, via email at

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Trade Reviews:

“Utah author Peggy Eddleman gets everything right in her debut novel, Sky Jumpers. For a post-apocalyptic middle grade story, Eddleman manages to infuse hope and adventure onto every page and into every character. Sky Jumpers has plenty of action and more than enough heart to work its way into the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. With pacing that alternates between pulling you along through Hope’s antics, and pushing you forward through the town’s adventures, Sky Jumpers is a quick and delightful read for all ages.”

-The Deseret News

“Adventure and wonder permeate this tale, making it a fun, quick read. Eddleman brings a strong sense of atmosphere, and the underlying message—that it’s possible to contribute in unexpected ways—is a positive one.”

-Publishers Weekly

“The curriculum strengths of this book include heavy STEM subjects such as chemistry, medical biology, and earth science, as well as the structure of local government and nation building. Students not ready for the violence of The Hunger Games will enjoy the book’s adrenaline-rush daredevil adventures in the first installment in this series.”

–School Library Journal

“Sky Jumpers is an absolutely thrilling, seat-of-your-pants adventure for middle school readers. Fans of The Emerald Atlas and Percy Jackson will rush to this tale about a village that, after WWIII, is one of only a few remaining on what is left of Earth, as ‘green bombs’ have devastated the planet. Sky jumpers plunge into a rarified air pocket that protects and shields the village but that has deadly consequences if one is unaware of the invisible danger. Led by 12-year-old Hope, a group of friends is on a dangerous mission to save their village. This perfect book for younger fans of The Hunger Games is truly fun, inventive, and exciting!”

—American Bookseller’s Association, Maureen Palacios