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Ten things you might not know about Peggy

  1. In 5th grade, she was given the title “Miss Muscles” for being able to do more pull-ups than anyone else in the school. She even has the certificate to prove it.
  2. She was also given the title “Piglet,” for being the shortest kid in her class every. Single. Year. Which may or may not have contributed to her being able to do more pull-ups than anyone…
  3. A picture of a spider freaks Peggy out possibly even more than a real spider does. Especially if it’s a large picture. She can’t even bring herself to touch a picture (or hold a book that she knows has a picture of a spider in it). Yes, she is aware how illogical this is.
  4. Hope didn’t let Peggy know that her first name was “Hope” for a YEAR after she first started writing her.
  5. Peggy’s mom was shocked that she had three girls, yet not one of them would play with dolls, wear a skirt/dress outside of church, and they all hated the color pink.
  6. She rocks at hide-and-go-seek, picking things up with her toes, and trying new foods.
  7. She stinks at keeping her desk clean, going to bed on time, and karaoke.
  8. Peggy loves to swim. As a kid, between her swim pass and being on the swim team, she went to the pool 8 times a week.
  9. Her favorite animal is a meerkat, and she sometimes wishes an entire community of them lived in her backyard and would poke their heads up to say hi every morning.
  10. When Peggy was a little kid, she used to eat dirt out of the flower pots whenever her mom wasn’t looking.

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Peggy’s Favorite Books as a Child
BorrowersBoxcar ChildrenThe Black CauldronThe Dark Is Rising
Mrs. Frisby & Rats of NIMHUnderground KingdomNancy Drew The Hidden StaircaseA Wrinkle In Time

Peggy’s Favorite Books Now
AlcatrazDeltora QuestFableHavenThe Girl Who Could Fly
Gregor The OverlanderThe Lightning ThiefRapunzel's RevengeRump